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No more waiting around for your dental cleaning! ChezSoi Dental comes directly to you! Using high end portable equipment, you can receive care from your dental hygienist anywhere. Whether it is directly in your home, workplace, school, daycare or even in a residence or long-term care facility.
Soon our services will be offered in a custom Mercedes-Benz van built as a traditional dental office room. Any place will be possible as long as a parking space is available!

Nos services

Quels types de service sont offerts par ChezSoi Dentaire?

Voici une liste de nos principaux services. Si vous avez des demandes ou des besoins particuliers qui ne figurent pas sur cette liste et que vous aimeriez nous en faire part, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour en discuter.
Prendre un rendez-vous
Oral assessment
Oral cancer screening
Scaling / dental cleaning
Needle-free anesthesia
Polishing / Stain removal
Oral hygiene instruction
Treatment of initial caries (SDF)
Application of fluoride or anti-cariogenic agent
Application of a desensitize
Cleaning of dentures and dental appliances
Purchase of dental products
Teeth whitening


Mélissa Gervais, RDH & Founder of ChezSoi Dentaire

I’d like to introduce myself, Mélissa Gervais, dedicated dental hygienist since 2013. I graduated from the Cégep de l'Outaouais with honor, recipient of the Excellence Scholarship from the Cégep de l'Outaouais, the Meritas Student in Dental Hygiene from the OHDQ in 2013 and the Outstanding Achievement Award in Dental Hygiene. I was also president of the 2010-2013 cohort while working as a dental secretary throughout my schooling. It goes without saying that dental hygiene has always been a passion for me. From my early days in this field, I always knew I wanted to do more. I aspired to be able to provide accessible dental hygiene services for everyone. Therefore, I waited patiently for dental hygienists’ independence in Quebec. Since then, I have worked for two years in a dental clinic in Gatineau before moving to western Canada. During my four year stay in Alberta, I was able to practice independently, which gave me confidence in my expertise and skills as a dental hygienist. The independence of dental hygienists finally saw the light of day in Quebec following my return to Gatineau, which led me to realize my dream of a mobile dental hygiene clinic.


In Quebec, dental hygienists can perform several acts without the supervision of a dentist since the adoption of Bill 29 in September 2020. To protect the public, independent dental hygienists must comply with the strict standards of the Ordre des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec, that is to say, renew their CPR training, undergo professional inspections and keep their knowledge up to date by participating in continuing education hours. In addition, it is mandatory to be registered with the Fédération des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec and the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association.

*For more details on the legality of acts eligible for independent dental hygienists, please consult the website of the Ordre des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec.

For everyone ! Whether it is families, workers, students, the elderly, people with special needs, with reduced mobility or in remote areas, you will save time and money by taking advantage of a mobile dental hygiene clinic. This service is ideal for people who are anxious of dental visits. You can receive your care in your home or comfortably installed in the van. Anyone wishing to receive dental hygiene services is welcome.

Currently, ChezSoi Dental offers preventive dental hygiene services with portable equipment. Your dental hygienist transports their chair, equipment and materials directly to a room in your home or even to your backyard. Moreover, we can go to a workplace, a school, a daycare, a retirement home, a long term care facility, a community center or any other place as long as a power outlet is available. Our services are also offered to organizations. Soon you will also be able to benefit from the comfort of our van completely fitted out as a typical dental clinic room. We come to you and you just have to walk to the van to receive your treatments. This van is adapted to receive you during summer and winter, with an environment customizable to your needs. We offer a choice of music, TV, dimmable light, aromatherapy, warm or weighted blanket, noise canceling headphones, earplugs and more.

Currently, mobile services are available for the Outaouais region. We mainly serve the city of Gatineau and surroundings. For regions more than 45 minutes from downtown Gatineau, we organize one-day tours per city according to a monthly schedule and demand. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on availability.

First, your medical and dental history will be reviewed with your dental hygienist. A comprehensive evaluation of the head and neck, the tissues of the mouth as well as the teeth and gums will be completed. Then, your dental hygienist will develop a treatment plan adapted to your oral situation and specific to your needs. She will advise you on the tools and products to optimize your dental health. She will then proceed with the cleaning. After, she will complete your care with polishing, an application of fluoride, anti-cariogenic or desensitizing agent as needed.

You can rest assured that our hygienists are gentle and thorough. In the event that your gums or teeth are sensitive during your cleaning, your hygienist can offer you several alternatives. The application of a desensitizer or topical anesthesia is possible. If you need more comfort, we offer needle-free anesthesias like Oraquix or Cetacaine that numbs longer and more effectively.

If in doubt of a carie following the evaluation made by your dental hygienist, you will be referred to a dentist for an examination. Dental hygienists are licensed to perform an assessment of your dental health, but cannot make a diagnosis. Only a dentist can confirm the presence of caries or any other dental conditions. This is why we suggest that you be seen by a dentist once a year for an exam and x-rays if necessary. However, in some cases of incipient caries, your dental hygienist can apply silver diamine fluoride to try to stop the progression.

You can contact us by phone or text message at 819-918-5577, by email atinfo@chezsoidentaire.com , our Facebook page *ChezSoi Dentaire* or at the bottom of the page. We may not be able to respond to you if we are on the road or with a customer. Rest assured, someone will contact you as soon as possible. Our availability is Monday to Friday with flexible hours. Note that a limited number of evening or weekend appointments are available on request.

We do follow closely the fee guide established by the Fédération des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec. Since the services required and the needs of each person vary, a cost estimate can be given to you when you make your appointment. We can also submit electronically to your dental insurance on your behalf. For any remaining balance to pay, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, debit or Interac transfer.

Go Green

At ChezSoi Dentaire, we care about the planet and that is why we are constantly trying to come up with new ideas to reduce our environmental impact. Here are a few examples:
Strict minimum single-use materials
Recyclable packaging
Bulk purchase of material
Eco-responsible, washable, reusable, recyclable, sterilizable and biodegradable materials and products
Biodegradable hospital grade disinfectant
Equipment that uses minimal water
Products and partnership with Quebec companies
100% paperless
TerraCycle recycling box for your toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss
Eco-responsible dental hygiene product
Toothpaste and mouthwash refills available


Frais et Méthodes de paiement

Nous suivons de près le guide des tarifs établi par la Fédération des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec. Puisque les services requis et les besoins de chaque personne varient, un estimé des coûts peut vous être transmis lors de la prise de votre rendez-vous. Nous pouvons faire une demande de réclamation à votre assurance dentaire ce qui vous permet de n’avoir qu’à débourser le montant non remboursé. Les méthodes de paiement acceptées sont argent comptant, Visa, Mastercard, débit ou transfert Interac.

Prendre rendez-vous

Afin de faciliter vos démarches, nous vous proposons de nous contacter directement par téléphone, ou de remplir un formulaire de contact afin que nous vous recontactions dans les délais souhaités.

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